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This is the scrapbook for The File Arts an online digital gallery, selling digital art. This tumblr contains anything that involves digital art and any artists and images we find interesting. Some of the artists featured here are associated with The File Arts, most are not. Some artists are not yet featured — we would love to. This blog like a sneak peek into the kitchen of the gallery. It offers no guarantees or excuses.


Homepage (2014)


Dillon Marsh explores manmade elements in organic landscapes with his photo series entitled “For What It’s Worth”

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"Balloon Dog Deflated" (GIF file) by Michael Green "

A GIF artwork on ebay, hoping to be the ‘most expensive GIF of all time” and make $5,800:

"Balloon Dog Deflated" ( is a GIF animation by the net artist Michael Green, an excerpt from his tumblr GIF series “luxury.obj” ( which explores the desire of class “objects” through the replication and representation of the original object, with specific attention detailed on the essence of the object itself, through the use of various digital lighting and texture techniques. “Balloon Dog Deflated” is an ironic re-working of the 12 foot stainless steel sculpture “Balloon Dog” (1994) by Jeff Koons, which sold in an auction for $58 million dollars, which according to The New York Times, claims that the sculpture is “the most expensive work sold by an artist in an auction”  Jeff Koons would have a staff of the most skilled “employed” craftsmen to compose his work …

… The museum of 2o14 is the internet. The museum is in Tumblr, the most relevant “space” for the culture to see any work of art and/or image related/unrelated; the spectator and the relationship of the image. Physical museums, like compact discs and books are dead. It’s in the cloud now, and it is time to embrace this fact and make the essence of an art object relevant to everyday society …

Jeff Koons sold his original “Balloon Dogs” through a physical auction for a record $58 million dollars. HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF. Here we are, 20 years later on ebay (a digital auction) with the same artwork, created in the medium of our times (3D animation/GIF) , about to make history once again. When you commit to buying the original GIF file, rendered directly from the artist’s computer, you will be making history, as you will have purchased the most expensive bitmap image format in the history of mankind …
I can’t see it happening …
You can check out the ebay listing here
You can also check out all of the luxuryobj GIFs at the Tumblr blog here


Wobbly things by Ori Toor

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I was looking through old flash files and remembered this background animation loop that was cut short in the final video.

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Video Game Environments: (1/)
Assassin’s Creed 4 // Water Porn

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editorial F/W13  by Uber and Kosher 


I s o m e t r i c C i t i e s - M e t r o p o l i a ————————————————————————-

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