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This is the scrapbook for The File Arts an online digital gallery, selling digital art. This tumblr contains anything that involves digital art and any artists and images we find interesting. Some of the artists featured here are associated with The File Arts, most are not. Some artists are not yet featured — we would love to. This blog like a sneak peek into the kitchen of the gallery. It offers no guarantees or excuses.





Seize the Day was a calendar program made by in 1994 by Buena Vista software. It features graphics that at the time, were revolutionary because of the way they handled color cycling. These images were static bitmaps, but by changing color values, they appear animated. What is also impressive about these images is that they had full day night cycles built in, rendered also through color cycling.
A few years ago, a html5 version was made. A copy was uncovered online and there is a way to use the program through DOSbox. As well, one of the original programmers for the project, Iam Gilman, has thought of the idea of remaking it, open sourced, for modern machines.

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Curious Object in DTLA. The Current Sea, 2014.


Happy first day of #spring !


The Pixel Painter

Meet Hal Lasko, 97 year old retired graphic designer, who spends his days making art on MS Paint. Pixelites … prepare to have your heart’s melt … video embedded below:

Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist back when everything was done by hand. His family introduced him to the computer and Microsoft Paint long after he retired.

Now, Grandpa spends ten hours a day moving pixels around his computer paintings. His work is a blend of pointillism and 8-Bit art.

Hal also has a website where you can see more of his works, which you can find here

Reblogging this today as today would have been his 99th birthday (he sadly died in July the 6th this year). He even had a Tumblr blog, hallasko.

RIP Hal Lasko


Now hiring:
Electric Objects Creative Director

two things are happening:
1. I’m going full-time as EO’s creative director for a few months
2. Part of my job is to replace myself

So, I’m looking for a great designer to hand Electric Objects over to.

Ideally, you:
- have designed brands
- have designed interfaces
- have designed social interfaces
- have designed ecommerce interfaces
- have designed packaging
- are interested in art
- have created art
- have style and taste
- have experience building teams

Other notes:
• The job is in NYC
• The pay and equity are competitive
• EO will help the right person relocate
• Future prospects for the company are ridiculous
• You’d be working directly with Jacob Bijani, who is a total badass engineer/designer and super nice guy
• For better or worse you’d be working directly with me for the first while as we transition things.

This is a no joke opportunity.

If this sounds like the right move, email me directly:

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Ellsworth Kelly!

"Great Art in Ugly Rooms" shows artistic masterpieces digitally moved from museums and galleries and placed in "ugly rooms." 

Still from Bright Canyon, 2014 — Chris Doyle


Cory Arcangel, “Working on My Novel”(via | Dazed)


Zelfportret 22 juli 2014.


model lima v2 by Me (Truangles)

more of my art here and prints and tees available here

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Walking City


Walking City is a slowly evolving walking video sculpture by Universal Everything. A walking tour of modern architecture, if you will.

File this one under mesmerizing. A deserving winner of the Golden Nica award at Ars Electronica. (via subtraction)

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