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This is the scrapbook for The File Arts an online digital gallery, selling digital art. This tumblr contains anything that involves digital art and any artists and images we find interesting. Some of the artists featured here are associated with The File Arts, most are not. Some artists are not yet featured — we would love to. This blog like a sneak peek into the kitchen of the gallery. It offers no guarantees or excuses.


Last Thursday we launched The Space WIRED creative fellows programme. We want to hear from any emerging digital artists who fancy the chance of winning £30,000 and some expert mentoring. 

Read all about how to enter on the The Space website. 


FEWOFMANY, “H E R” [nd] / Digital design on canvas

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introducing 9999years’ img glitcher!

it’s a little page for procedural client-side image glitching! simply upload your image (drag and drop, normal file upload, or from a url) and click the buttons to glitch!

(open example images in fullview for best effect)

it simply converts your image to base64 and then modifies the data—as with hand-done data bending, corruption is inevitable, so be prepared to hit the undo button when your image breaks

file format does matter, as no conversion or processing is done, however, gifs are very volatile and corrupt easily

firefox isn’t supported, although i’ve heard of a few people being able to use it in firefox

since it corrupts images, you won’t be able to upload them directly to websites and may have trouble getting them into actual images—a screenshot service like gyazo may be the best way to save your images.

have fun & read the help or send an ask if you have any questions!

ps: try the random image feature!


sinsynplus . world_1312044_01_02_03 . generative design . 2013


seame campbell  2014



Publishing is often understood as the process of production and dissemination of literature or information, and as the activity whose purpose is making information available for public view. But, publishing also mobilises the complex relationships between content and exchange, statement and practice, intentions and effects, the start and end points in the global circulation of material and immaterial goods.

“Publishing the Public: Why bother?”, Jelena Vesic  (via womanhouse)

(Source:, via notational)


Three apples in various stages of rot, found in a basement. The images were modified using a subtle pixelwise algorithm.

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3  31” x 44” digital prints 


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Any glitch lovers out there? We have a project for you! Have a go at glitching a selection of Tate collection artworks and share it with us. A curated selection of submissions will be on display at Tate Britain for Loud Tate

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Vaes Dothrak
2014/digital drawing/laura grace marchi
(> the second image is a close up of one of my paintings )

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