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This is the scrapbook for The File Arts an online digital gallery, selling digital art. This tumblr contains anything that involves digital art and any artists and images we find interesting. Some of the artists featured here are associated with The File Arts, most are not. Some artists are not yet featured — we would love to. This blog like a sneak peek into the kitchen of the gallery. It offers no guarantees or excuses.


The Sword of Damocles - Video

Earlier this week, I covered “The Sword of Damocles”, the first pioneering example of virtual and augmented reality technology from 1968. Unfortunately I was unable to locate a visual demo of it at the time, but thanks to Thomas Richter, he sent me a link to a short video demonstrating it in action:

Link to my original post about this can be found here



99 Problems [WASTED]

Game art piece by Georgie Roxby Smith combines Grand Theft Auto V, violence, gender, and Warholian repetition for an unsettling but effective work - video embedded below:

99 Problems [WASTED], GTAVintervention, 04:45 (continuous loop) 2014 is the third installation in a series by artist Georgie Roxby Smith exploring violence and gender in video games - full text shortly. Please note this video is shown here in low quality as a sample only.



THE DAILY PIC:  A lovely unstill-life by Owen Kydd, as installed in the International Center of Photography’s “What Is A Photograph” exhibition, in New York. (Click on my image to see a video clip.) Kydd, who trained in Vancouver under the great photo-conceptualists Jeff Wall and Stan Douglas, shoots stationary footage of objects in store windows, often on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, where he lives. We only recognize his work as video because of very subtle motion in the light and air in his scenes; otherwise, it recalls the great color still-lifes of Jan Groover.

Kydd calls his artform “durational photography,” which is a fine name. Ever since video has been around, artists have tried to use it to make little vignettes of the passing scene that could compete with, or simply complete, the traditions of street photography – but the results have often seemed a bit trite and dull, too easily consumed. Turns out the boredom they caused came from being too short and having too much going on. By making his videos almost as slow and still as traditional photographs, Kydd makes them worthy of a longer look. (Image and clip ©Owen Kydd)

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solo show by Constant Dullaart - Xpo Gallery Paris
opening 25th April, until 15th of June


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Vector Point Texture #041614 VCB_UOPLOP4

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this is one of my favorite images on tumblr and it was originally posted with the caption “Har Har.” and tagged “#lulz”

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Lindsay Lohan Google Image Search: A daily screenshot of Lindsay Lohan through Google Image Search Results.

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The Witness by Samy Charnine

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oviban töltött éveim jelentős hányadát azzal töltöttem, hogy a cicamászóka alatti mélyedésben összegyűlt pocsolyából a többi gyerek számára halálos csapdát készítsek nyílhegyes lándzsák (gallyak) és gyilkos futóhomok (sár) felhasználásával


this is a bees & bombs original. accept no substitutes

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Matteo Romellini, “Glacial Kiss”, 2013, photography, 2000x3000,

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